Slow Down - Escape the Routine!

Slow Down - Escape the Routine!

This, which is almost coming to an end, will be remembered as a very special summer; Different. The world has gone slower and seemingly uncertain. For our part we understood that what was running too much would slow down and what was already slow would go even slower. .

trekking in Sardinia

There are many places in the world that "go slow", one of them is definitely the beautiful Sardinia. If you don't think about the closed-number beaches, trendy, aperitifs "dress coded" Sardinia with its 25,000 km2 area definitely offers that angle of intimacy that some like us seek.

il mare della Sardegna

We have given life to the Lava Sportswear brand with the desire to escape everyday life, live outdoors with a relaxed approach, knowing very well how important this is to our body and mind. Finding your moments of freedom every day is sometimes a daunting task, but only if you don't pause to think: a solo running session, a trek or a small bike tour, a kayak tour, can really change your life... let's say it to those who don't know!

gli unici asinelli bianchi dell'Asinara in Sardegna

Then there are those who, on holiday, do not like to stay on the beach under the umbrella or all day on the towel to tan, is the one who likes to climb in the summer shade of a ridge overlooking the sea, explore the coast in SUP, get pushed by the wind by sliding the sea on a kitesurfing board or ride a wave.

Orosei Sardinia

This summer's mission was to have outdoor experiences with good industry workers who could also become our partners. The idea "Escape The Routine" is to live firsthand experiences in order to be able to tell, not only to tell, but also to advise in the times and ways that only we can advise you..

Very often you used to evaluate a place for its turnout, know if "there are people" conditioning the choices, of course it is not our case and I hope not even yours.

clear sea water paradise Sardinia Island Italy

On May 29 we were not many on the island of Asinara, it was a wonderful day, warm, we took the first bath of the season in its crystal clear waters, after a relaxed trek of a few hours. Being able to do it with the official guide of the Asinare National Park was a unique experience, Sardinsula is an operator of the excursion industry in Sardinia that has been able to make sure that it remains the best experience on the island, Fabio takes care of everything, tells you the story, flora and fauna of an island on the island of Sardinia , Asinara.

The following months were full of many other exciting adventures, such as kitesurfing lessons and SUP tours in Badesi at the Iko Center North Shore Sardinia centre, unique experiences in the company of Sardinia's best outdoor operators.

kayaking, excursion, sup tour in Sardinia active holidays Italy

Now in addition to being able to tell you, we can suggest them to you.

Calling them holidays is reductive and frustrating, highlighting the only days off work during the year. We want to call them and live them as "Experiences" because we all need experiences; experiences remain in the mind and heart more than a holiday.

Stay connected, there will be many updates on our Escape The Routine Experiences very soon, the Active Holidays that we have already experienced for you.


sunset in Alghero Sardinia

Slow down!
Escape The Routine

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