Escape the sun

Escape the sun

The warm season has arrived, we can enjoy more time outdoors, looking for new adventures

Contrary to what one might think, we are subjected to UV radiation from the sun all year round, but with the summer, the greater exposure to the open air and lighter, summer clothing exposes us to greater risks.

If we want to enjoy outdoor activities more then we just have to consider the idea of protecting ourselves from the sun, how?

The "PARADISE" t-shirt is a long-sleeved Sun Protection Technical T-shirt by Lava Sportswear.

Ideal for a perfect workout Performant that adds the experience of light and very comfortable fabric to the ability to adapt to the body. This t-shirt will protect you during your training session, guaranteeing comfort and freedom of movement, allowing the moisture deriving from movement to transpire.

With the first warmth and sun-exposed workouts, this shirt will be perfect for your workouts and excursions in the open air.

Excellent for explorations under the spring and summer sun, jogging, trekking, hiking and why not also excellent in the city as a first layer during the coldest days.

Lava Sportswear Sun protection uv upf protection active wear

Also suitable for activities such as Kayak, Sup, Fishing, thanks to the quick drying and slightly raised collar for protection.

Perfect for being on the beach in the hottest and sunniest periods of the year.

Here are the main technical characteristics

  • 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane

  • 4 stretch

  • Sun protection UPF 30+ UV protection

  • 4 seasons


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