Lava Sportswear Partners

A small list of Brands, People, Associations and Initiatives with which we have the pleasure of collaborating.


Reeson is a skateboarding, surfing and lifestyle brand born in 2005 and with roots in skateboarding, independent music and art.

The South Adventures is an initiative designed to promote sustainable exploration through which to spread Alpine culture and knowledge of the Italian mountains, with the aim of proposing a hiking style with a reduced environmental impact.

He recently started his 'TwelveChallange' Project, which sees him participate in 12 Great Marathons around the world. All the Proceeds obtained from the Collaborations is donated to Charity to the Bone Marrow Donor Association. ADMO in Rome.

Facebook: TwelveChallenge

Instagram: Riccardo12Challenge

Sardinsula Tour & Escursioni - Travel Design Sardegna

Blog on environmental arguments.

School of Kitesurfing, Surfing, Sup affiliate IKO, rental and holidays active in Sardinia.  

Sardinia is crystal clear water and a lot of history. Stilesardo offers a wide selection of Sardinian crafts.

mato creative studio

Creative Studio.







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