Sport Membership Program

Lava - Sport Membership Program

How to apply to the LSMP - Lava Sportswear - Sports Membership Program ?

It's Easy, but before: What is the Sports Membership Program?



You are passionate about sports as we are and you Love our Brand. You love to stay with friends and share your passion with them, sometimes you love to stay alone to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, you love to travel. You don't like to be a sheep as part of the mass, you love to express your individuality as a human being. "You don't have to be a champion to play sport" share your  routine with our brand, be positive, be yourself a motivator for our communities.

membership program for sports passionates


LSMP Benefits

A Sports Membership Contract Valid for 1YEAR, so you can buy our gear at a Very Special Price, after this, the contract can be renewed, changed to a Sponsorship program, or not renewed.

Apply is simple and easy. Here is how it works

  • To candidate, you have to dowload the pdf form below and send it to:
  • If your profile is in line with our program mission, a member of our staff we'll back to you with our Program Rules and Benefits Informations.
  • If our program rules fits to your brand collaboration idea we'll back to you with our LSMP contract.
  • Once your signed contract is back to our team, you will considered onboard and you'll get Your Personal Affiliation Discount Code.
  • Share Your Passion for Lava Sportswear and Spread The World.




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