How to properly wash sportswear

How to properly wash sportswear


"Choosing to buy a quality piece of sports technical clothing is the right thing you can do for a variety of reasons. That's not to say you can wash it badly, for worse you mean not knowing how to wash it thoroughly and in the right way"

Love and take care of your sportswear.

All clothing has a lifespan, including those of finest quality, which will still have a longer lifespan, different and better performing characteristics than poor quality items.

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The durability of your high quality garments depends on you, many times poorly done washes over time can affect the durability of even quality clothing, also think about the fact that a poorly done wash spoils the fabrics more than during its actual use.

Even before washing clothes, you have to think that, in some cases, you can even skip washing. Less frequent washes make the garments have a longer life, not least you also save water. If we are during a training session on a particularly hot day, we have not sweated much, that's it! That garment can also accompany us during a second workout, without the need to wash it. Especially shorts, jackets, or other clothing that have not been particularly in contact with the skin or if they are light workouts, these do not need a wash at every exit.

Let's get to the washing stages now.

It is good practice and we strongly recommend washing the garments inside out and completely by hand inside a simple bowl and forget about the use of the washing machine, in doing so we will also save electricity.

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What water to use for washing?

Surely washing in cold water, as it flows from the tap, is the best solution to take for the care of clothing. Doing so also saves the electricity that we normally use to heat the water through the use of the water heater. At this point I would also say that it is not a good idea to add aggressive detergents and sanitizers to the water, if you want to add detergent the simple Marseille soap in small quantities will be more than fine.

Dripping before rolling out.

We do not stretch our garments when they are completely soaked, we eliminate the weight of the water that could turn them, in doing so we will also avoid flooding the terrace or the veranda.

Fold into four parts and let drip on a tap for at least 15 minutes. Next, with a slight pressure of the fingers, we eliminate the excess water that will be deposited at the ends of the shirt, without wringing.

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The sports technical clothing is also designed to have a quick drying compared to cotton, this will allow you especially during a beautiful day, to have dry clothes in a very short time.

Line dry.

Line dry outdoor by dividing the parts in two so as not to weigh entirely on the ends, ensuring the perfect maintenance of the shapes.

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A few further measures.


Never ironing the garments, being made of polyester, nylon or mixed material could spoil. If you just can't help but iron the less delicate ones (only if provided by the label indicating the washing and maintenance instructions), do it with a very low temperature iron without stopping on the single parts and not stationing for a long time on the same spot.

Never iron the decorations: prints, applications and embroidery.

Always stick to the washing guidelines on the labels, each fabric has its own characteristic and responds to certain washing precautions.  

The ones we have just described represent the measures we recommend for Lava Sportswear products but they are also valid for all other sportswear brands.


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