The Early-Bird Pre-Launch Campaign

The Early-Bird Pre-Launch Campaign

The Lava Sportswear project was launched on Monday, March 30 at 17:00 with the "Early Bird" campaign, a program open only to the First 100 Supporters. The pre-launch program includes a set of Three Training T-shirts, at a Special Price, in a Sports Bag and... that's not all! With the purchase of the packs you will Get a For Life Discount at the new website, which will be soon online. Packs can be booked until May 10/15.

lava sportswear pre launch program

We started working on the Lava Sportwear project in August 2019, but even before we started selecting Textile Productions between Italy, Europe and China to be able to find our quality standard and also plan the style that will be divided into Training and Performance that we will do in the near future.

We tested the first samples ourselves and had them tested by some athletes of various disciplines, from running, to trail running, tennis, hiking, we also tested, in the water, some prototypes of some styles for watersports.

We were already in confidence with the material choice, sampling and samples testing, but none of us certainly imagined that we would launch a brand in conditions of huge global crisis, we decided that, this, will be a strength.

We are so passionate about sports as you are, this moment is particular but, as sportsmen and sportswomen, we are the same that suffer for a new goal, you know what i mean! Sports, for us, represent Happyness and Life, the struggle is part of us and is part of life.

lava sportswear home training

We want to go ahead, even if this moment is very difficult for all of us. We want to face this difficult moment with Positivity. Thinking to the Future makes us Happy and Strong.

We Really wanna say Thank You to all our first supporters!




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