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We are so stoked to say welcome our website... we celebrate the outdoors.


Here we go... lavasportswear is now online!


We worked a lot on our site, we wanted it to represent our character at its best, we are really satisfied of the result.


Lava Sportswear is a new brand for all sports lovers, from Running, Trail Running to Every Type of Training, Yoga, Tennis, Hiking, Trekking, Travel and Outdoor Sports Activities.

outdoor training activities holidays is not just a sportswear website, it is a hub, not only digital, for all sports lovers and outdoor activities. is the result of three phases, which preceded the current one. As you know we have involved all sports lovers through our instagram profile starting in September 2019, many of you contacted us: brands, associations, publishing houses, sportsmen, travelers, nature lovers. In April 2020 we launched our "Early Bird Program" campaign that included the pre-order of a "Training Package" bag with three Lava Sportswear training t-shirts. 

The campaign was an unexpected success, the orders came from our friends, but also from many new friends that we met on the road between Italy, Germany, Belgium.

Another very interesting note is that about 40% of the orders came from "perfect strangers" who appreciated our new project by supporting the pre-launch campaign.


A small challenge won, which makes us understand that our interpretation of the Lava Sportswear brand coincides with yours.


"at a very particular time you were able to convey positivity to me"


These are the words of one of the participants in the pre-launch program.

you don't have to be a champion to play sports

Our mantra is:


"You don't have to be a champion to play sports"


We are invaded daily by product advertisements, which are shown to us through the image of champions and stars, this does not represent us.


Our idea is that we should all and can play sports for the sole purpose of being well and always healthy.


Sport must represent everyone and it must be for everyone.


Play sports for yourself, at your own pace, with your time available, when and where you want.


Read our brand manifesto

lava sporstwear training t-shirts

At the website you will find multi-sports and training articles suitable for your workouts, those Performance for more intense workouts. We will develop articles dedicated to certain disciplines. For now we do not want to reveal anything else, we are just at the beginning and we want to recommend good quality and versatile products for every occasion.

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