What to expect after the Pre-Launch of Lava Sportswear?

What to expect after the Pre-Launch of Lava Sportswear?

Our Pre-Launch Program ends May 15 at Midnight.

What can we expect after this first month of life of the new Lava Sportswear brand?

Lava Sportswear was born in August 2019, but was "launched" on March 30, 2020. The program was already done, after spending seven months planning and testing products and materials, we looked forward to this moment.      

A few days before the launch of the brand, also in Italy come the first cases of Covid 19, from there to a few days later, the WHO declares that the Corona Virus has become a pandemic and a very serious problem for all humanity.                   

At first we reflected a moment to better understand what is the best things to do, as well as the best strategy to adopt at a time like this, but here comes the general Lockdown all over Italy, Europe, the whole world; The situation is very alarming.  

We have a lot of passion for sport. In that particular moment, as sportsmen, we felt the same people suffering for a new goal. Sports, for us, represents Happiness and Life, fighting is part of us and part of life. We decided to move forward even though this moment is very difficult for all of us, we want to face this difficult moment with Positivity, thinking about that moment when all of us will be back in the streets and in the nature to do what we all love.

"We wanted and decided that this difficult time would be our strength"   


The idea of doing the Pre-Launch stems from the need to experiment with a new form to propose a new brand, in the past never experienced with other previous initiatives. Crowdfunding is a beautiful form of modern fundraising for the launch of a new product or initiative. Used a lot by bands but also by those who want to launch a new brand, we were impressed because in Italy it is not yet very used. A beautiful winning case of brand and strategy based on crowfunding comes from the Scottish brewer Brewdog, a path that fascinates us very much. We decided to take this initiative, launching it directly from our website lavasportswear.com 

The general idea was to "take time" to figure out who our type supporter was, what attention and demand there might be on our brand (even before it was launched). Not least we had the strategic will to start creating a small community.

"We can now say that our first phase was a success"

Today is May 12, 2020, a few days now separate us from May 15, the day of the closing of our campaign of Pre-Order Lava Sportswear.                

What to say, in this first month of life, we received several curious messages to know who we were, of compliments about the brand, of requests for partnerships, sponsorship requests and a good number of Pre-Orders of our "Training Packages" including three t-shirts at a launch price, with a free sports bag and no less important a lifetime discount on the new site that will soon be online. For us it is a challenge, but also a great opportunity for everyone to show confidence in us.

Instead, we enter the Second Stage Lava Sportswear what can we expect in the coming months? 

In line with our program first thing, shortly, there will definitely be the Launch of our New Site. We have never considered site, the one currently online but only a "support" for the Pre-Launch.

"The new site will be structured and will finally bring the brand to life as we have in our mind"


Many productions have been locked down in much of the world, including our own. If we talk about textile collections, we also think about the fact that many brands will have problems in the delivery of productions Autumn Winter 2020/21 and beyond. We don't wanna go fast and we have no stress!

But now we come to the products that will come in the future: Base Layers, Training and Performance. With our manufacturers we will develop an entire line of Quality Products dedicated to multisport training but also to the performance range. A brand that loves sports: running, trail running, tennis, hiking, hiking, climbing, biking, yoga, fitness and outdoor sports. There will also be a "lifestyle" part for the after-workouts time and for those who always feel sporty.

Lava Sportswear training gear

There will be another flagship product that we are testing, a versatile, technical and comfortable product for all watersports and beyond. Define them rash guard is limiting!

sun protection quality rash guard Lava Sportswear

An eye to style and quality! this is what will characterize the Lava Sportswear products, which can also be customized on demand for: sports teams, teams, clubs, resorts, events.

equipes uniform manufacturing Lava Sportswear

Thanks to all the early supporters who have supported our new brand this month, and thanks to those who will do so in the coming months!


"You don't have to be a champion to be able to play sports"



Lava Sportswear.


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