The experience of triathlete Patrick de Lorenzi in a small guide on High Net-Gain Nutrition.

One of the most discussed topics of recent times is definitely the right and healthy nutrition this, accompanied by constant physical activity, is the key to living healthy and with the a "conscious body 

When embarking on a new path, be it light, drastic or extreme, along the way one realizes that, as the mind strives to adopt not easy changes, the body adapts to a new lifestyle and automatically rejects the old wrong habits. Do you agree?

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"Also on nutrition there are different, theories, currents and schools of thought, what matters is that you always have to do what you feel to do"

The testimony of other people who have embarked on a path of change before you is certainly inspiring and of strong motivational charge.

Some examples definitely interesting and to know absolutely are, for example, the experiences of "resistance athletes" who base their diet on the "plant based" or a vegan diet.

Sometimes it is the case of a change of direction that comes with the desire to feel good, healthy and to abandon a sedentary life, perhaps in the middle of a career, full of stress and "junk food" in search of a greater inner awareness, is for example the case of the triathlete Rich Roll. The personal and sporting history of Brendan Brazier and other "plant based" athletes is also very influential.

Going closer to us, in Italy, we were very impressed by the story of Patrick De Lorenzi, young athlete, videographer, and EQF5 Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist from Piedmont who after several years with a lifestyle not perfectly healthy, wanted to change direction so going in a few years from 105kg in 2014 to his current 70kg by 190 cm, combining a vegan diet with constant workouts.

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Patrick in the third year of his"new life"  pic Sabrina Steriti 

Patrick is now a triathlete, eager to know and discover new horizons, he is a very good creator of content and after years of study and research, with the desire to spread the message he has just created a small video guide also in version written on HIGH NET-GAIN NUTRITION and how you can benefit from it.

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High Net-Gain Nutrition it's an approach that prioritizes nutrient-rich, easily digestible foods so we can get as much energy as possible with the least physiological cost on our digestive system. 

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