What is the current mood of outdoor sportsmen?

What is the current mood of outdoor sportsmen?

Different sports  "different" way of thinking?" Yes, in part! The desire to find youself in outdoor spaces for outdoor activities is very strong and common to outdoor sports!
We asked some Athletes who practice very different disciplines, how they are living during the quarantine, what it means not havinf the freedom to train outdoor, how they are training at home and what world they will expect at the end of the lockdown and again. will it be a better world or a worse world?

Angelo Verzini

Sport: Surf
Age: 43

City: Lecce, Italy

surfisti italiani Angelo Verzini

Ph Virginia Masiello

The "lockdown" was unexpected for all of us, after the first few days of disorientation I started to adapt my training routine to this quarantine. Obviously with all the difficulties that come from being a Surfer!
Every morning I do what I always do in my normal life, which is 20/30 minutes between Yoga and stretching to keep my body always elastic and my mind "in balance" and surfskate sessions, I'm lucky enough to have the space to practice it. The fact that you can't surf, especially knowing that outdoor there is a good wave condition is something that only a Surfer can understand..! A suffering!! Haha!! As for what I expect for the after lockdown I honestly can't get an idea. Although I am an optimistic person who "always sees the glass half full", this time there are many doubts and uncertainties. Obviously as everyone I hope it is a better world (I hope so) and above all I hope to be able to return to the sea as soon as possible because in addition to being my passion is also my job.

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Sport: Marathon Runner, Runner
Age: 36

City: Monte Porzio Catone, Roma

Riccardo maratoneta 12 challenge

I live the quarantine as a time of growth. I take advantage of this to take care of details such as nutrition and postural gymnastics and specific strength, which in everyday life i have no time. At this time all short targets have been missed and the TwelveChallenge has undergone a drastic change. Just on April 26th I was supposed to run my first Majors Marathon in London. Now, if all goes well, I'll have to run London and Chicago a week apart in October.
When you can't go out to train you realize how important freedom is for an individual. I hope that for the future we will treasure this. Whether will be a better world will depend on each of us and how good we would have learned from this lesson.

For the workouts I adapted by running in small circuits of 200 meters.

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Alessandro Ioli

Sport: Mtb teacher, mountaineer and freerider
Age: 21

City: Arese, Milano

Ale Ioli Muntain Bike

Ph Lorenzo Scarpellini

Not being able to train outdoors makes me feel caged, in the house I train free-bodied, abs, tractions, push-ups, stretching and I do some stupid things to keep my spirits up.
In this quarantine I am training about 2 hours a day, alternating the various exercises!

After quarantine I imagine a better world, we should all learn to take more bikes and less public transport or cars, we will have to be more outdoors alone than in crowded gyms.

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Andrea Bazzu

Sport: Kitesurf

Age: 35

City: Sassari

North Shore Sardinia scuola kitesurf Sardegna Iko

When the pandemic started I thought it was necessary, to stop my activities, respecting so many people who were suffering and others who risk their lives every day. I continued my workouts at home between Kitesurf-specific workouts and surfing and stretching exercises that kept me busy and positive even if they can never replace a nice surf with friends! I have not stopped working on the PC to continue to sponsor my business, I am in fact the owner of a Water Sports Centre in Sardinia, the North Shore Sardinia, in the municipality of Badesi, with tour operators dedicated for Outdoor and Water Sports. These days, perhaps to torture me a little bit. Haha! I always checked the weather to see the weather conditions and it made a March and an April as not seen for years: sun, hot and a lot of wind, really perfect conditions for surfing! Not to "go crazy" I said to myself: "it will pass, it is only a period" perhaps, looking today, our sacrifices are bearing fruit, it seems that the contagion is decreasing and the hope of returning to the sea seems more concrete.
As for the summer season I honestly do not know what to think, the information is many and conflicting, get a clear idea today. it's very difficult! I want to think positive and hope that things get better with time. I do not believe much in an epochal change of the world, also because, the pandemic is just the latest in a myriad of problems that the world today suffers from, which also depend on a wrong collective lifestyle and which does not tend to improve. Right now I just hope that things will quickly return to "normality" so that I can get back to work and enjoy the sea with the friends and people I care about.

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Stefano Noli

Disciplina: Alpineer, Bouldering, Trail Running
Age: 40 anni

City: Milano, Cagliari

Stefano Noli alpinismo Just Ride Our

I witnessed the beginning of the emergency in my hometown, where I was to volunteer at the Trail dei Cervi
. I was supposed to return to Milan on 24 February but the succession of events led me to a continuous postponement of the departure until the time of the lockdown, which took place on the evening of 9 March.
From that moment nothing more outdoors, a highlight of my passion and the Just Ride Out project that with Mauro we follow. It then occurred to me to write a diary that motivated me first and secondly who passed through my Facebook  profile and the Just Ride Out page, today we arrived on April 23 and the 45th day of lockdown. Despite the difficulty of accepting the severity of the measure I was able to find the motivation to train. I use simple objects, pilates rubber bands, a traction bar, a door jam and a jumping rope, I do two workouts a day, the first high intensity and the second in the afternoon specific to climbing and running. However, I miss the smells, sounds and colors of the environment and feel immersed in the natural elements, but what motivates me is to know that we will return to be embraced by Nature and to contemplate its triumph. What will it be like at the end of the lockdown? I honestly do not know what to expect to restart activities and restore some routine, I would like to be optimistic that people have made a conscious examination of how our way of life affects the environment, we have seen animals reappropriate their spaces, but rationally I believe that after an initial period in which we will pay more attention to our way of life we will return to habits that will conflict with natural rhythms. But now I want to be optimistic and not rational!

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Francesco Verdino

Sport: Mountaineer Skier, Runner, Mountaineer, Climber e cyclist 
Age: 26 anni

City: Cologno Monzese - Milano

Francesco Verdino Scialpinista, Runner, Alpinista, Climber e ciclista

Ph Lorenzo Scarpellini

As far as I'm concerned, it's been very hard to deal with this quarantine. It will be because I love being outdoors and I am absolutely not used to live a sedentary life, but mentally it is very difficult to train continuously, especially since this virus did not allow us to enjoy the "queen season" of mountaineering: spring. I had an important race at the end of March (tour du rutor) which was rightly cancelled, to which I had dedicated a whole season in the preparation.

I'm trying not to give up: my main training is done on the rollers, with the racing bike. Alternate sessions of specific work (3 at least a week from a maximum hour and a half) to sessions at the middle bottom and recovery. A few sessions to improve in the time trial is not lacking. Training on rollers for a long time does not help and above all "ends" athletes. You have to be careful not to dare too much. I fit all this with some trail running session in the garden and a lot of stretching.
To make a little full drop out of the way it helps me to make the stairs of the house up and down. Plus I'm trying to keep the climbing rank by training with the beam.

As a training schedule, I'd say I'm varying a lot. Some days I do a couple of hours maximum, others I need 30 minutes.

At the end of the lockdown I expect a more conscious world. Unfortunately in Italy the first thing that was taken away was the sport because of numerous people, to give themselves an hour of air, have improvised runners and cyclists. The real ones put us back. I hope to have the life back before, even if it will be hard for the first time!

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Stefano Fabris

Sport: Running and Swimming
Age: 28

City: Monza

Stefano Fabris Monza Marathon Team

Hi Guys, I hope you are all well and that this bad situation will be resolved as soon as possible to get everyone back to normality and above all to have not only virtual relationships with people but as they say in the jargon "vis tu vis".
This quarantine period made my first 2020 season goal fade away as well as my desire, as it was a personal challenge that made me rise up after a personal period not quite at TOP.
The days now for a month now, have become (I think for everyone) as if it were a routine you wake up, breakfast (I recommend it is the most important meal) there are those who have the "luck" to work from home in smart-working so at least the 8 hours are occupied by that activity that maybe, long ago we hated as well but now it is sacred to break down the daily boredom, you have lunch you enjoy in recipes/experiments that maybe before we did not even have time and we rediscover even in passions that we did not even know we had. Like the good TIZIUS (raga I make a super cheesecake...ahaha). Every day, however, can never miss that hour of sporting activity, because in this period it is easy to "spring" for the situation, for boredom and much more. I'm trying to do mostly free-body exercises, so a bit of workout, corestability and stretching.
Recently I started some little running sessions I missed it and felt the need, even if I had to do the hamster in the "run car box" of the neighbors!
I really hope that this period will ends and that, all together, we will come back stronger than before!

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Marco Corda

Sport: Climbing
Age: 31

City: Sassari

Marco Corda Climbing Sardegna

For a climber like other outdoor sports, the deprivation of freedom is perhaps the worst thing, in fact most climbers appreciate the feeling of freedom that the sport gives us. Climbing is the ultimate expression of the synergy between body and mind, but unfortunately in the house it is possible to train only the body.

The main training takes place free-bodied, with the classic exercises, abs, bends. In addition, it is essential to have a "beam", a specific tool that allows you to train your fingers and forearms.
At the end of the lockdown we will definitely have to keep our social distance for a while. It will be the most difficult thing, as, sport is sharing and aggregation.
After this period, I believe that we will be able to appreciate even the small things more.

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Luca Pompele

Sport: Mountaineer, climber, mountaineer skier
Age: 26

City: Milano

Luca Pompele climbing arrampicata Italia

Ph Lorenzo Scarpellini

Having to stay locked in the house knowing the beauty I would find out in the mountains on a technical route or an endless ridge is really frustrating. I still try to keep myself in training by doing two sessions a day for six days a week. One day I do two hours of rollers in the morning and an hour of running in the garden or steps in the afternoon, while the next day I do beams and suspensions in the morning and exercises for the core in the afternoon and so on. I started in quarantine to do at the end of training a nice yoga session.
After the quarantine, I just imagine I can go to the mountains just to run free.

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Mauro Maccioni

Sport: Surf
Age: 38

Citty: Cagliari

surfing in Sardinia Jst Ride Out

I face quarantine alternating stretching and functional trainingi watch surf videos daily and dream of a future surf trip, although I believe that the limitations also by other nations will continue for a long time.

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